Sword Art Online

Author: Reki Kawahara

Genre: Virtual reality game turned into survival story; young adult.

Medium: Light novel, manga, anime


The first virtual reality headset and game has been released into the world. Sword Art Online is a fantasy massive multi-player role playing game with 100 levels.

Kirito is one of the lucky few to play it. Of course, everything goes wrong when the game’s creator locked all the players in the game. In order to get out, the players must go through all 100 levels and defeat the final boss.


Ok, so there’s a large fanbase in the anime section of the geek world and I’m part of it. Lots of gamers dreamed about the day that we get virtual reality helmets and we all bless and curse the fact that it does not exist yet.

If you have tried the anime or already manga, the first volume is essentially the first season of the anime, except the author goes more in depth with certain aspects of the story that had gotten missed out.

The anime is currently licensed by Aniplex.

You can get the first volume of Sword Art Online in English HERE.

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Liked it? Haven’t tried it? Think that the anime is really overated? Comment below!



3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online

  1. Just so you know, such a game exists but it’s limited by number of people. I’ve played it!!! It’s awesome! You are a comic book character and you wear a helmet and carry a sword! It’s at Disney Quest located at Downtown Disney in Orlando. I’m posting the info! I can’t believe they’ve put together something so cool – the downside is waiting to play.
    “Ride the Comix 4: Players wear an HMD to “enter the comic book world.” Players battle with super villains by using a laser sword. Up to six players can be on a team at a time. As of early 2011, Ride the Comix 4 has been “overtaken by villains” and is in service only on days where the building is near capacity. However, guests can still play Ride the Comix on the 5th floor directly above.”
    Here’s the Wiki description (above and following) so you can see the other cool stuff they have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisneyQuest
    Try YouTube to see video of some of the games. They used to have a virtual river raft ride and my mom almost puked on it!


    1. I’d totally play that! (The wait is going to be soooo long.) I followed the Wiki link – they cancelled the Toronto branch. T.T no wonder I haven’t heard about it until you told me.


      1. If you type in the name of the “experience” along with Disney Quest, you should get lots of hits? I’ve played it twice and felt that I should have killed way more villains than I did!
        When you play, you put on the helmet and grasp the sword and are leaning against a kind of stool while you play. It’s a bit awkward but way fun!


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