777 Challenge

Apparently, I have been cruelly baiting my fellow pitch warrior James Stryker with the last line of World Where Only I Exist, a post-apopcalyptic science fiction aimed for young adults.

The objective: sharing seven lines from page seven of my manuscript, then tagging seven more writers.

I’m sorry, because the lines on this page are extremely short so it’s going to be a tiny excerpt. I feel like a troll.

Without further ado, I give you “World Where Only I Exist”:

Static buzzed on every television channel and radio station. Every number that I called only left me voice messages.

It still seemed to be a joke.

Finally, I called the emergency lines, starting with the one that only had three digits.


Were they in on this joke as well? This was not funny.

Okay, so that was seven lines. Did I pique your interest? (Or are you just rolling around in frustration?)

So I’m tagging a couple of people that I want teasers from (in particular):

Maree Jones: The MS title sounds intriguing.

Danielle Doolittle: Telepath with aphasia? Beta twin? Like I said before, I totally want this.

But I don’t have seven, so can’t I just tag everyone?


I’m still alive.

I feel really guilty that I haven’t updated this for so long. There had been a lot going on, but on the bright side, my dear non-existent(?) readers and aspiring-to-be-published novelists, I found a really cool writing site called Scribophile!

Scribophile is a critique site, and that was where I spent most of my Internet time on. You critique other people’s work to gain ‘karma’, then you use the karma to post your own work. Then people give you feedback and they earn karma.

Even though it has only been a month and a half, I found that my writing has definitely gotten better. I’m still working on World Where Only I Exist, which is a YA post-apopcalyptic sci-fi. It’s like a Home Alone for teenagers, except with an empty planet and no thieves.


As an apology, here’s a picture of a sunflower.

Reading side:

If you checked out Sword Art Online and enjoyed the video game aspect of it, then you’d might like Eye of Minds by James Dashner. Before you say that the author’s name sounds familar, he’s the guy who wrote Maze Runner (which was turned into that movie with the same name…).

VirtNet is a technology like NerveGear and people in Eye of Minds use it to play games. The main character, Michael, is a top-ranked gamer and a hacker who ‘codes’ cheats to level up. When he witnesses a suicide that coincides with the real world, VirtNet Security manages to blackmail, that’s not a good word, coerce him into investigating another hacker named Kaine. This guy is apparently a cyber terrorist and the villain of the story.

Michael accepts the quest and with his two best friends, he goes off to search for this dude.

According to Goodreads, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Other stuff:

Depending on how comfortable I feel about this format of blogging, I’ll be shifting around pages and editing the anime/manga recommendation posts.

So until next time,