777 Challenge

Apparently, I have been cruelly baiting my fellow pitch warrior James Stryker with the last line of World Where Only I Exist, a post-apopcalyptic science fiction aimed for young adults.

The objective: sharing seven lines from page seven of my manuscript, then tagging seven more writers.

I’m sorry, because the lines on this page are extremely short so it’s going to be a tiny excerpt. I feel like a troll.

Without further ado, I give you “World Where Only I Exist”:

Static buzzed on every television channel and radio station. Every number that I called only left me voice messages.

It still seemed to be a joke.

Finally, I called the emergency lines, starting with the one that only had three digits.


Were they in on this joke as well? This was not funny.

Okay, so that was seven lines. Did I pique your interest? (Or are you just rolling around in frustration?)

So I’m tagging a couple of people that I want teasers from (in particular):

Maree Jones: The MS title sounds intriguing.

Danielle Doolittle: Telepath with aphasia? Beta twin? Like I said before, I totally want this.

But I don’t have seven, so can’t I just tag everyone?


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