Krysta is a writer who aspires to be a published novelist. Since she is forever nineteen, Krysta enjoys reading and watching young-adult science-fiction/fantasy/paranormal and apopcalyptic stories with the occasional foray into middle-grade and mystery.

She also has a sweet tooth and doesn’t mind sharing. (Unless it’s mango pudding. She’s never sharing mango pudding. All the mango pudding in the world belongs to her.)

It is generally recommended that if Krysta was alone with her laptop or pens and notebook, that one only approaches with caution/dessert. She might be strangling her pencil case at that moment, but she will replace it with your neck. Just saying.

Despite all her avatars and pictures showing a certain black and white cat in a box, Krysta is not actually a cat and her home’s not an instant noodle box. That’s Artemis, who only answers to “Missy” and the rattling sound of the treat jar.



Welcome to her corner of the Internet. (Does the Internet even have corners?)


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